A visit to Emirates Airline Festival of Literature

On Thursday 5th March I decided to visit the “Emirates Airline Festival of Literature” which was held at Intercontinental, Dubai Festival City. The festival is a yearly event and it was held from 3-7 March this year.

I tried my level best to avoid book temptations, but ended up buying 4 books (and got one signed by the author as well!) the smell of books in the air was too strong to avoid, bookaholics beware you -will- spend money at the festival of literature!

After browsing/buying a few books and roaming around the crowds I decided to attend one of the talks offered that day, a panel discussion called “The Sticky Arts of Interpretation and Translation” caught my interest and I went ahead and got my ticket, the hour long panel talk was moderated by Kamal Abdel-Malek and on the panel were Leslie McLoughlin, Yasir Suleiman and Inaam Kachachi.

The panel discussion was very interesting and from the start Leslie mentioned an Italian phrase “traduttore tradittore” which literally means that a translator is a traitor, to highlight the difficulties that translators face, and even Yasir mentioned that a translator is at fault whether he get’s it right or get it’s it wrong.

One of the few valuable nuggets of knowledge that Leslie shared during that session was that a translator must have a high sense and regard to each language he’s translating to, to enable him to translate in an efficient way.

He said one of the difficulties he faced during his early translation years was trying to translate the different forms of the Arabic dialect and carry on the meaning to English. He gave an example of a sentence in Arabic “Ya Shab” which if translated directly would be “Hey Boy” but it won’t carry the intended weight nor meaning of the full text, so he translated it to “Hey young man” and Yasir added that in Scotland “Hey Jimmy” would be the equivalent to that phrase.

Yasir mentioned that the translation must carry the effect from the original text, and this is the tricky part, there’s a word by word translation and a meaning translation, and some things can’t be directly translated. I was very amused when he mentioned that when he flirts he does it in Arabic and how some languages are better suited for a topic than the other.

I liked how Inaam agreed that a translator is a traitor, but it can be a beautiful traitory, as a translator can take a text that she described as “coal” and turn it into a beautiful diamond and sometimes visa versa!

Kamal added that languages can get jealous of each other and the translator can get caught between them.

The panel discussion could have carried on for another hour and I wouldn’t have noticed, honestly I truly enjoyed the session and I learned so many things and they made me think of transnational in a whole different sense.

A visit to Emirates Airline Festival of Literature

Karak House – Taste Testing

I jumped on the bandwagon to try the newly opened Karak House at Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown Dubai.

The view from the outdoor seating is really nice in the evening, and the weather is perfect this time of the year which makes it more worthwhile.

The “Karak” which is and Indian word for tea with milk, but it’s pretty strong as the milk is cooked with the tea (I don’t know the exact details of preparing it thought) although it’s listed as traditional Emirati in the restaurant, it’s actually from India/Pakistan.

The Karak/Tea itself is presented in a little jar (which is pretty cute) with two biscuits on the side. It tastes pretty nice, however it’s slightly expensive for a tiny little drink (12 AED) and I personally had two rounds because one wasn’t enough (and most of the people sitting nearby did too)

As for their food menu, I only tried the Paratha which is a bread originally from India, it was pretty tasty and they gave me two pieces with cheese on the side, however they failed to mention that the cheese wasn’t free or inclusive in the price as it coasted 10 AED for a portion that’s barely a tablespoon big! And the bread itself was for 18 AED.

Overall, it’s worth a visit for the Karak Tea and the nice evening view during the winter session, but otherwise I wouldn’t recommend it for heavy dining or if you’re on a tight budget.

Karak House – Taste Testing

500 Days of Summer – My (quick&short) Feels

Rewatched this movie after my friend recommended it to me.

500 Days of Summer starts by saying that this is “not a love story” which is true to a certain extent, it’s definitely not your typical romantic movie. And one of the major differences is that it’s mainly narrated from the guy’s perspective.

To be honest, I initially didn’t like it much, I more of hated it, I hated it because it was so easy to relate to it, but now it’s bittersweet, I won’t say “I love it” but it’s one of the memorable films that are hard to forget, it’s a movie that leaves me feeling unsure about how I feel about it.

I personally don’t recommend this movie to couples, unless your relationship is crack free, don’t watch this together, it will only break those cracks wide open.
I will leave you with a quote I liked from the movie:
“Next time you look back, I really think you should look again.”

Side note, one of my favorite onscreen pairings have to be Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel !

500 Days of Summer – My (quick&short) Feels

Big Hero 6 – My feels

One of my favorite pastimes is watching movies, especially in the cinema, I am starting to enjoy the moments of shared laughs and tears amongst a crowd of -almost- like minded movie goers (The rest of you suck, you know who you are! You chair kickers/phone talkers you!)

Anyways…back on track, one of my favorite genres of all time is Animation Movies and I have rarely ever been disappointed by an animation movie (but it has occurred before).

I recently watched Big Hero 6 and wanted to share my quick review on it. The first thing I noticed is that it’s not one of the typical cliche Disney movies (Which I still unshamingly love to bits) where all the characters belt out songs as they dance in a perfectly choreographed manner. This movie has a coming of age feel to it, and an awsome soundtrack to boost that as well, it’s fun and carries a lot of life lessons and I would honestly recommend siblings to watch it together. But it’s not a sibling catered movie only, it’s fun for everyone, parents, kids, young adults etc.

There were laughs as there were tears (I tried my best to hold back the flood) but the movie’s main characters pull on your heart strings, especially Baymax the lovable robot character that might look like a huge marshmallow, but it’s only to contain his big heart. The movie has loss, success, grief, rage, compassion and everything else in between. I don’t want to give too much away but I do recommend you carry a few tissues with you!

For me it’s a 10/10 and a movie I would be definitely adding to my movie collection!

: It’s still a Marvel/Disney movie mix hence, I recommend you stick all the way to the end of the credits!

Big Hero 6 – My feels