Karak House – Taste Testing

I jumped on the bandwagon to try the newly opened Karak House at Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown Dubai.

The view from the outdoor seating is really nice in the evening, and the weather is perfect this time of the year which makes it more worthwhile.

The “Karak” which is and Indian word for tea with milk, but it’s pretty strong as the milk is cooked with the tea (I don’t know the exact details of preparing it thought) although it’s listed as traditional Emirati in the restaurant, it’s actually from India/Pakistan.

The Karak/Tea itself is presented in a little jar (which is pretty cute) with two biscuits on the side. It tastes pretty nice, however it’s slightly expensive for a tiny little drink (12 AED) and I personally had two rounds because one wasn’t enough (and most of the people sitting nearby did too)

As for their food menu, I only tried the Paratha which is a bread originally from India, it was pretty tasty and they gave me two pieces with cheese on the side, however they failed to mention that the cheese wasn’t free or inclusive in the price as it coasted 10 AED for a portion that’s barely a tablespoon big! And the bread itself was for 18 AED.

Overall, it’s worth a visit for the Karak Tea and the nice evening view during the winter session, but otherwise I wouldn’t recommend it for heavy dining or if you’re on a tight budget.

Karak House – Taste Testing