The Age of Digital Baggage

As I cleared my calendar of birthday reminders and my contacts from numbers that haven’t been called in 6 years I felt a sense of relief come over me, that’s when I realized how “digital” baggage can be, as or even, more exhausting then actual “physical baggage”.

We join WhatsApp groups and Facebook groups and now even Snapchat groups! We participate in the art of social media soiree where we exchange followings from Twitter to Facebook and beyond.

How many times have you glared down at the little bubble notification and felt a sense of anxiety as the number increased, but at the same time you couldn’t bring yourself to open the app and face your fears?

I transitioned from a social media free childhood into a social media filled adulthood and I feel a million years old trying to remember how it was when you had boundaries and limitations for social interactions. Don’t get me wrong I love my social media, heck I even majored in it. But at times I wish I can disconnect without feeling a sense of overwhelming guilt for not partaking in the daily update rituals of the social sphere.

The past few days I been clearing chats left and right and unsubscribing to newsletters and deleting contacts and just trying to minimize my digital baggage as much as possible. I think it’s about time we gave ourselves a well deserved “digital cleanse”, so what if you been added to the “Bake Group”?? or the “Movie Monday’s” chat, if you are a heavy participant by all means stay, but if you feel your gut wrenching with every notification beep, then ask yourself, why am I still “here”?

The internet may have made the whole world a small village, but I say it’s about time we put curfew hours and established visiting etiquettes.

The Age of Digital Baggage

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