Why Fanatics?!



a person whose enthusiasm or zeal for something is extreme or beyond normal limits

I chose the word “Fanatic” as it amuses me how it has different yet similar meanings in Arabic and English, in English it’s related to enthusiasm over the “normal” limits, and in Arabic it tends to refer to something “unique, strange, out of the ordinary and norm” although the meanings differ here, they can all be related to the same thing, as it’s a word used to describe something out of the norm, yet not entirely insane.

It’s my tongue in cheek approach to people’s reactions when they interact with me, I tend to have an over enthusiastic approach to whatever I do, outings, movies, dinner, I try to see things outside the box, look at the little details and magnify them to highlight the beauty that can sometimes be overlooked in the vast ocean of rushed noise we live in.

Welcome to my “Fanatics!” :3
Why Fanatics?!

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